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Jeannette Arrowood is a social media and marketing-tech industry veteran. She is the Managing Director for the Asia Pacific region for Sysomos. With broad experience as a community manager and strategist to Fortune 100 brands, Jeannette is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of each team within large organizations. She specializes in helping large, multi-national businesses figure out how to roll out tools effectively so that social can inform every portion of their business decisions. Jeannette has been instrumental in the strategic roll out of the Sysomos Expion platform to many clients like MasterCard, Huawei, Marriott, Singapore Airlines, Clinique, Mondelez, and Coca-Cola. Prior to joining Sysomos in 2013, Jeannette ran her own social media consultancy and worked for several large digital agencies in NYC.

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  • Lives In: Singapore
  • Works At: Sysomos
  • Title: Managing Director, APAC
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  • Managing Director, APAC
    FEB 2013 - PRESENT

    I focus on exceeding revenue objectives for the Asia Pacific region and manage offices in Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo. Working closely with our Executive Leadership team in the US and Canada, I set goals for the regional sales team members to help them grow into strong account executives who understand the strategic digital marketing needs of APAC-based clients.

    I represent Sysomos and the Expion platform division at industry events and lead operations and business development for the region. Having worked both on the client services and sales side of the business, I’m an industry and product expert who serves as a resource for several sides of the business.

    Note: Sysomos acquired Expion on Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

  • Owner & CEO
    2010 - October 2013
    Pleased Productions

    As the Director of Possibilities, I’m always thinking about what’s possible in social and mobile … and I’m also on the lookout for what’s next
    – Develop and manage social media strategy and influencer outreach for Fortune 100 and medium-sized businesses
    – Teach social media and community management skills at The Yard in Brooklyn and to Executives and business owners
    – Design and develop WordPress websites for designers and photographers
    – Conceive, style and execute editorial photoshoots
    – Maintain and publish several blogs on the latest in social media and technology trends
    – Write for several other blogs and publications on technology, fashion and creative trends
    – Curate content and focus on trendspotting
    Client roster has included: MTV, Intelligent Nutrients, Social Media Week, Camp Broadway, and more

  • Social Strategist

    Most important thing learned: Everything I do as a Social Strategist should always lead back to a business goal. Ultimately, it is my responsibility to provide clients with strong results and actionable next steps, and it is my responsibility to not let the details slip through the cracks.
    Results: I was a strong lead on the team that put templates in place for Social Media Audits, Social Media Strategies and Social Media Reporting. As a result, other teams within the agency working with other clients had a blueprint for effective communication and explanation of their efforts.

  • Social Media Strategist
    Viacom / MTV

    The Numbers: Doubled the number of Facebook likes in 4 months
    Doubled the number of Twitter followers in 4 months
    Re-branded, re-built and moved Tumblr account to increase interaction with followers; increased number of followers by hundreds

    – Trendspotting: Sought out new digital ideas like, and worked to integrate them into our strategy by regularly hosting a room popular with DJ Woooooo and other strong Turntable personalities

    – Ideation and Thought Leadership: Worked to come up with ideas on how to integrate social media into overall digital strategy to provide payoff for sponsors that could be directly monetized for integrated marketing campaign

    – Content Curation and Audience Shaping: Curated content that resonated with those interested in digital technology and music to grow the show’s audience to include more mature tastemakers

    – Social Media Management: Managed all of the MTV O Music Awards social accounts before, during, and after the show

  • Jeannette is a master at building and growing brands online, with a deep understanding of the role of personal communication and an always-on content plan. She is a brand unto herself, having created a successful blog and thought leadership platform in fashion and other areas about which she is passionate. That said, she knows when to get out of the way and disappear into her client's persona, deeply engaging audiences with her personality, wit and strategic mind. I look forward to working with Jeannette again in the future.

  • Jeannette is not only a pleasure to work with, but extremely professional and brings her expertise to the table with creativity and professionalism. I trust her completely and look forward to her going the extra mile and bringing much more to each project then I ever expected. I would recommend her anytime and continue to look forward to our partnership.

  • Jeanette is a key member of our Global Team and leads our efforts in APAC, relocating from the US and establishing our Client Services team in Singapore. I have worked with Jeanette for 3 years and continue to rely on her enthusiasm to tackle complex challenges with a variety of clients, each with their own specific use cases that our software addresses.

    It is personally rewarding for me to work closely with Jeanette and Expion's rapid growth in APAC is directly tied to the leadership skills she exhibits internally and with our growing client base. Jeanette is an absolute pleasure to work with!

  • Jeannette is such a positive, energetic person who would be a great addition to any team. We worked together for several months, and she brought incredible social knowledge and passion to everything she did. She helped create a positive team dynamic for all of us.

    Jeannette was an encouraging and helpful superior, always taking the time to support and give feedback. She taught me so much about social media management and content. Jeannette also worked incredibly hard to create the best social strategies possible. Jeannette would be a great addition to any work place.

  • Jeannette is always striving to educate other peers, support our company vision and handle her clients with the utmost attention to detail. Her thoroughness makes my job easier day to day here at Expion. I always know any task she's given will be done 110% and with a smile!

    Although Jeannette reports to me, I rely on her advice for expanding our agency partnerships and I take her opinion into my decisions regarding Global CPG's social needs regarding Expion. Her eager attitude to take on more responsibility here is refreshing and appreciated.

  • Jeanette is a detailed-oriented manager who has provided exceptional service to my company, Crowdcentric, for each of the past 2 years. She functioned as our Content Hub Coordinator for our week long conference called Social Media Week. She managed and worked alongside with event staff, volunteers, technicians and content partners in a highly professional and productive manner. I highly recommend Jeanette from a personal and professional standpoint.

  • Jeannette was able bring me, a relative social media novice, into the 21st century with speed and grace. Her strategy was spot on. Her implementation, flawless. I was looking for a way to shake up my marketing in a very traditional industry - her thoughts were creative, but realistic. I only wish I had the time to execute every good idea she came up with...

  • Jeannette is a focused and driven individual who has a thorough understanding of social media and the digital marketing industry. She has translated this knowledge by helping clients achieve their business goals on social, find answers to challenges and drive sales internally within Expion. She continues to champion the voice of the client when trying to find answers that will help them meet their targets. It is a pleasure to work with her.

  • I have so enjoyed working with Netta. With the changing world of social media she is always on top of the new developments in the industry and how to best apply them to Her knowledge is forever impressing me and we love bringing her into our company to help expand our social networking reach and comprehension.

  • Jeanette (or the fabulous Netta P) is an amazing blogger and social media goddess. I worked with her on multiple projects, my most favorite being when she hosted real life meet-ups for the community she has cultivated via her fashion blog She brought her readership to life and together every week, having special guests come and present giving everyone a space to meet and hang out. Added plus: she helped cement my agency as being in the loop in the social media world.

    Netta knows everyone in this space, knows about all the social media platforms, is a great writer and just has true integrity. If you do a project with her, you know it will get done and be amazing.

    I recommend her highly! I know you'll enjoy working with her.

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