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February 1, 2016
Top 5 Places to Get APAC Social Media News

The Asia Pacific Region of the world has seen explosive growth in the use of social media and mobile technology over the last few years. To stay up to date on what the smartest minds in APAC are doing to face down the challenges of working in a part of the world that is home to more than 3,500 languages, I keep my eye focused on the latest news published by the journalists covering this diverse part of the world. Following are my top 5 recommendations on where to get the latest APAC social media marketing and digital news:

  1. Tech in Asia’s Social Media Blog – Head to Tech in Asia to get more than just social: They cover “breaking technology news and interesting startup stories” from across Asia
  2. Digital Market Asia’s Social Media Blog – Digital Market Asia is a Singapore-based media outlet that “covers the top digital media news, planning and strategy on topics like Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, Twitter, Amazon, and Pinterest.” They also publish stories on emerging tools and technology for marketing.
  3. Marketing Interactive’s Social Media Blog – Marketing Interactive cover’s Asia’s advertising, marketing and media news.
  4. We Are Social’s Social Media Blog – We Are Social is an agency (note: they are also a client) that is great about making sure they’re on top of all the latest and greatest trends in social media. And with 11 offices across 5 continents, they rarely miss anything. This link is especially set for their APAC related writings.
  5. e27 – e27 is a great source for news on technology innovation, startups and entrepreneurship in Asia. (Thanks to Avtar Ram Singh of Publicis Singapore for the tip on this one!)
  6. Vulcan Post – Another great recommendation from Avtar, who you can follow on Twitter here, is Vulcan Post. They cover lifestyle stories with a tech spin for those that “embrace technology in their daily lives.”

Not only does APAC part of the world speak a lot of different languages, but they also have a very diverse user base in terms of access to the internet. For example, while New Zealand leads the region in internet penetration, Filipinos spend longer online than any other nation. They also spend the most time on social media, while the Japanese spend the least. Singapore is the most active country on social media as a percentage of the population, but Myanmar is the fastest growing country for social media users and for mobile social use. (Source: We Are Social / IAB Study)

Customers in different parts of the APAC region behave very differently in response to advertisements online, and their willingness to purchase through a sales funnel that begins from social also vary widely. So, as this climate continues to change and grow, I will be keeping my eye on the latest news and smart work coming out of the region.

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