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80% of Inbound Social Customer Service Requests Happen on Twitter
February 21, 2016

This is a crazy stat to get your head around if your business is service-oriented and doesn’t have a solid strategy for how you should be handling Twitter. It’s been well known for years in the US that the quickest way to get customer service attention is to kick up a storm on Twitter. I may have kicked up a storm or two myself over the years – particularly when it comes to a few airlines that I may or may not fly frequently. I know the struggle big brands go through firsthand when trying to handle a massive number of incoming requests having worked as a Community Manager and helped many brands install software after they’ve been burned by a crisis. It’s about time Twitter rolled out some new features for the poor, unfortunate souls who have not gotten their customer service strategies on lock down. This week, they’ve announced that they’re rolling out a few new tools that will help businesses to keep sensitive conversations private and will help those who manage large customer service teams to evaluate their employees’ performance.

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